Past Programme Activities


Spring 2017

Study Centre    
          Year 11 to 13, Sat 1.45-9pm

The principle activity for the Study Centre is private study in the silence of the library. The time of starting is 1.45pm so that football can start at 2pm.  In the evening there will be an activity according to the following monthly plan:

Week 1         Sports evening
Week 2         Cultural evening
Week 3         Recollection
Week 4         Film evening   
Week 5         Excursion

For those over 14, the Kelston Spring Retreat is from 10th - 12th February, so pick up the available form to attend.

The Annual Intensive Study Week for those preparing for public examinations will take place at the end of the term. Full details in early February.

Seniors+                       Years 9 to 10, Sat 1.45-6.30pm
Saturday 14th January
Start the term by inviting friends to a mini 5-a-side football tournament.
Saturday 21st January
Art Sculptures: wire framing and plaster. Bring £2 towards cost of materials.
Saturday 28th January
Art Sculptures: painting and presentation.

Saturday 4th February
Film Club: Twelve Angry Men. Presentation, film and discussion.

Saturday 11th February
Team Quiz on general and specialist topics.
For those over 14, the Kelston Spring Retreat is from 10th - 12th February, so pick up the available form to attend.

Saturday 18th February
Biscuit Baking: Sable Breton. Bring £2 for ingredients. In the morning, a group from Year 10 will be visiting the homeless.

Saturday 25th February
Musical Jam Session.  Join the beats and rhythms in tune with the musicians.

Saturday 4th March
LEGO Technic Competition. Construction skills and ingenuity needed.

Saturday 11th March
A game of baseball on the common.

Saturday 18th March
Exam-time Study Day 11am - 6pm. Bring packed lunch, and football kit for the usual game in the afternoon.

Saturday 25th March
Bowling Excursion to a local venue. Bring £7 and an Oyster card.

Friday 31st March - Sunday 2 nd April
Weekend trip to North Wales. See separate sheet for further details.

Saturday 8th April
Kelston Game Event.  A selection of both team and individual challenges.

Seniors   Years 7 to 8, Sat 1.45-5.15pm                                                                  
Saturday 14th January
Wide game on the common.
Saturday 21st January
LEGO Technic Competition. Teams build battle robots to combat each other.
Saturday 28th January
Football Training Session. Besides playing, learn some new techniques to practise.

Saturday 4th February
Kelston Paper Game out on the common.

Saturday 11th February
Kelston Game Event.  A selection of both team and individual challenges.

Saturday 18th February
Afternoon excursion into the city for the London Challenge. Bring Oyster card.

Saturday 25th February
Full 11-a-side football game on the common, with a break for half-time.

Saturday 4th March
Forest Excursion. Bring packed lunch and an Oyster card. Leaving Kelston at 10.15am and returning at 5pm.

Saturday 11th March
Cooking for Year 7. Bring £2 for ingredients. Board Games for Year 8.

Saturday 18th March
The Ultimate Cinema Experience. Bring popcorn and enjoy the show.

Saturday 25th March
5-a-side Football Tournament. Bring your friends and form a team.

Saturday 1st April
Cooking for Year 8. Bring £2 for ingredients. Board Games for Year 7.

Saturday 8th April
Scalextrics Grand Prix on the Kelston digital track.

Juniors           Years 5 to 6, Sat 10.00am-12.45pm                                                                  
Saturday 14th January
Obstacle Course Challenge. Navigate a host of indoor obstacles.

Saturday 21st January
Feature film on the big screen with surround sound.
Saturday 28th January
The Egg Descent. Attempt to build a team ELV - Egg Landing Vessel.

Saturday 4th February
Kelston Book of Records. Try to improve on the records on the Kelston website.

Saturday 11th February
Dads and Sons Ice Skating at the Guildford Spectrum. Leaving 10.15am and back 4pm. Bring £8, gloves and a packed lunch. Parents are needed to drive there.

Saturday 18th February
Microphone ready? Check! Take part in the recording of our own music track.

Saturday 25th February
Wide game on the common. It's a strategic game of attack and defence.

Saturday 4th March
The Annual NBC Five-a-side Football Competition. Pick up an entry form for you and your friends to form a team.

Saturday 11th March
Team Multi-media Quiz. A test for your observational skills and quick reactions.

Saturday 18th March
Spring Grand Prix. Show your driving skills around the Kelston Scalextrics circuit.

Saturday 25th March
Bridge Building Competition. Design, build and test your team bridge made from drinking straws and tape.

Saturday 1st April
Marathon Art Morning. Apply your artistic talents to three different forms of plastic art.

Saturday 8th April
The End of Term Show. Prepare a sketches and musical performances.


 Past Programme Activities



Study_Week_67-400This is an ideal opportunity to leave behind the usual distractions at home and concentrate on your exam preparations within an atmosphere of intense study. The timetable will guarantee a high number of hours to study each day, with breaks to help you keep your mind fresh and alert. This week is a challenge. It is for those seriously wanting to give of their best in forthcoming examinations, helped Study_Week_2-400by the presence of others intent on the same purpose.

It will take place at Thornycroft Hall in the heart of the picturesque Cheshire countryside. The nearest shop is miles away and there is no television. It is a week to do without mp3 players and mobile phones.

Accommodation will be in single rooms and the study room area will have plenty of space for you to spread out your books and notes.Study_Week_3-400 The staff of the Conference Centre will provide all meals and there will be plenty of coffee and tea breaks to keep up the concentration levels. There will be sports, table tennis and throwing an American Football in the breaks.

What should I bring?

We will be travelling up by minibus from London, so there is plenty of room for as many books and reference material as you may choose to bring.  Ensure you are well kitted out with pens, pencils, paper and calculators, plus any past papers or syllabuses you are able to bring along. In addition, bring changes of clothes and plenty of sports kit, pyjamas, wash kit and a warm coat. You will not need much spending money.


wickenden (2)

Retreat for Young People

‘Pray and learn to pray! Open your hearts and consciences to the One who knows you better than you know yourselves. Talk to him!’
Pope John Paul II Letter to the Youth of the Worldwickenden

What is a retreat?

A retreat is a short time spent in silence away from your usual surroundings. It offers an opportunity to reflect on how you live your faith in your everyday life; at home and at study, and in your relationships with others. The atmosphere is one of personal prayer and recollection from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. It is an occasion to learn to pray better and develop a personal relationship with God, while finding the inspiration to communicate your faith and ideals to your friends.

Retreats can be an important milestone in a young life. It may help you to discern your calling in life by allowing you to find out what God wants from you. It will certainly help you to find more room for God in your busy daily life, giving you the impetus to strive for the best results in your studies because that is what God expects from youwickenden (3).

How is the retreat structured?

Doing a silent retreat well is a challenge. The day is quite full, with plenty of time too to pray and reflect on what you have heard. There are meditations and talks on the central themes of the Catholic faith, times for private prayer and a personal examination of conscience, daily Mass and devotions such as the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary.

You may also wish to talk over your thoughts and resolutions with the priest to obtain more personal advice. Confessions are available during the whole weekend.

‘God draws us from the shadows of our ignorance, our groping through history, and, no matter what our occupation in the world, he calls us with a strong voice, as he once called Peter and Andrew: Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.’
Saint Josemaria Escriva


Full details will appear in February each year..

Dates: Easter Week

Cost: approx. £160

Thornycroft Hall, Pexhill Road, Siddington, Cheshire SK11 9JN


Full details will appear n January each year.

Dates: Spring Half-term and one-month later.

Cost: approx. £65

Wickenden Manor, West Sussex


high ashurst (17)-400

Kelston’s Juniors Camp will take place at the Outdoor Education Centre run byhigh ashurst (13)-400 Surrey County Council called High Ashurst, at the top of Box Hill, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey. Families can drive there directly for 12 noon on the first day, and pick up at 3pm on the final day. If you require transport, a minibus will leave from Kelston at 10.30am on the first day and return for 5.00pm on the last day but places must be booked at least one week in advance. The Kelston group will be under the supervision of Kelston leaders but all professional instruction will be given by High Ashurst staff. We will be camping in large tents provided by the centre and we will be looking after our own cooking. There is a toilet block containing flush toilets, hand basins and running water for the use of our group. It is a fabulous location and we are pleased to be teaming up with High Ashurst once again

What to bring
high ashurst (7)-400
·Sportswear: T-shirts, shorts, socks, trainers, tracksuit bottoms etc
·Pyjamas, towel and toiletries. Torch (optional) and Light anorak
·Good clothes to attend Holy Mass on Sunday
·Sleeping bag (or ask if you can borrow one from Kelston at least one week before leaving)
·No pocket money needed

What not to bring

Anything valuable. Mobile phones are discouraged and may be kept centrally if it becomes an issue
Walkmans, mp3 players, stereos. Electronic games. Knives are not permittedhigh ashurst

Before we go

Ensure full payment is made, cheques to ‘Kelston Trips’

Ensure Kelston possesses the Consent & Medical form, already held if a club member

Organise your travel arrangements. Either go to (enter post code RH5 6DQ) for a map of how to get there from the top of Box Hill or book a place in the minibus if spaces available with Cliff only

The address of the centre is High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6DQ. It is accessible from the road running along the top of Box Hill.


Telephone number of High Ashurst for emergencies is 01372 378647

There is a pay phone for outgoing calls in the headquarters block at High Ashurst.

The Outdoor Education Centre carries mandatory insurance cover relating to third parties. Kelston has full insurance cover with London Youth to cover against accidents or injuries and loss of personal possessions.

The 2012 camp will this year be a weekend away in early June. Full details available soon.


Full details will appear in March each year.

Dates: May Bank Holiday

Cost: approx. £150

High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre, Dorking, Surrey

high ashurst (1)-400
high ashurst (2)-400
high ashurst (3)-400
high ashurst (5)-400
high ashurst (6)-400
high ashurst (8)-400
high ashurst (9)-400
high ashurst (14)-400



Full details will appear in March each year.

Dates: Start of Summer Holiday at end of July 2012

Cost: approx. £200

Alternates between the Lake District and North Wales.

walesseniors (1)-400
walesseniors (3)a-400
walesseniors (3)-400
walesseniors (28)-400
walesseniors (37)-400

North Wales

The hostel we stay at is fully-equipped and is run by a registered charity called ‘The Barn Outdoor Pursuits Association’. The camp is jointly organised by Kelston, Westpark and Greygarth clubs. It iincludes a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

What to bring

         Two towels, pyjamas, wash bag
         Torch with spare batteries
         Three changes of clothes
         Presentable clothes for Holy Mass
         Sports clothes, swimming trunks
         Hiking boots & waterproofs
         Sun block lotion, cap & maybe sun glasses
         Water bottle and small back pack
         Packed lunch for the journey on the first day walesseniors (39)-400

The rooms have duvets and bed linen so there is no need to bring a sleeping bag.

Please do not bring electronic equipment. Any mobiles must be switched off and used for emergencies only.

Each year the location of the Seniors Camp has tended to change, though we may well go to North Wales again on the next one in July.



Full details will appear in September of the year we go.

Dates: Late Dec to early Jan

Cost: approx £650

Ski resort: Axamer Lizum, Innsbruck, Austria or the Pyrenees.

For those over 14 at the date of the trip. A place can be booked on the trip by paying a deposit of £150, which will enable us to book flights at the earliest opportunity. Full payment due by November 30th, unless by special arrangement.




Full details will appear in March of the year we go.

Dates: Late July

Location varies each time.

polandworkcamp polandworkcamp (1)
polandworkcamp (2)
polandworkcamp (3)

 Past Trips here

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