Who can join and meeting times

Please note: Everyone attending must fill in a membership form. This can be done through the Kelston website under JOIN US.

Study Centre Years 11 to 13

Tuesdays 4.50pm till 7pm, and Wednesdays for private study.

Saturdays from 2pm till 9pm.

Seniors Years 9 & 10

Tuesday Study Club from 4.50pm till 7pm and Saturday afternoons from 2pm till 6.30pm.

Year 7 & 8:

Wednesdays from 4.50pm to 7pm and Saturday afternoons from 2pm till 6.15pm.

Juniors Years 5 to 6

Saturday mornings from 9.45am till 12.30pm.

How to join

Kelston is open to young boys and men from 9 to 25 years of age. We are always happy to welcome new members. Simply come along and see how you like coming to Kelston for a month.

To join Kelston, please submit a Membership and Medical form through the website under JOIN US.

After this, an annual subscription is due at a pro rata rate from September to August.

Membership Fees

Subscriptions for Kelston membership go directly towards the running costs of the Club & Study Centre. The fees are set by the management committee and only go a small way towards meeting costs. Hence, we like to ask parents who can afford to give more to consider making a donation over and above the fees. It also allows us to lower the fee for families that find it difficult to meet the full amount.

The fees run on a pro rata basis from September to August. For those who are current members or join in the autumn term, the rates are as follows:

Individual membership:     £130.00

Family membership:            £155.00

Those joining Kelston in the spring term pay £85 (family £100) and those joining in the summer term pay £44 (family £55). If you feel that your son can only attend the club for one or two activities and a summer camp, then an associate rate of £65 applies.

Feel free to ring the club leader on 020 8673 2242 anytime to arrange to bring all the family around to see Kelston.