Minis (
11/01 Bottle Lid races
18/01 capture the flag in the common
25/01 NERF battle
01/02 Mini golf in Central London
08/02 Cooking competition
15/02 football match / dungeons & dragons
No club today: Leadership weekend
29/02 ping-pong tournament
07/03 A weekend away at the Pheasantry. Details to follow
14/03 Football game against a local club

  Juniors (
11/01 Bottle Lid races
18/01 NERF battle – bring your own guns!
25/01 Bowling in central London
01/02 Risk board game
08/02 Pizza making competition
15/02 Paint contest
22/02 No club today: Leadership Training
29/02 Create a board game
07/03 Capture the flag
14/03 Baking competition

  Seniors (
11/01 Feature film
18/01 Cross city challenge
25/01 Make a Movie: lights, camera, action!
01/02 Visit to the sisters of Charity in Central London
08/02 Short weekend away at the Pheasantry
15/02 No seniors: Leadership Weekend
22/02 No club today: Leadership Training
29/02 Watch & Discuss a Movie Classic
07/03 Hoodie making in Central London. We will print the Kelston hoodies at a printers
14/03 Intensive study for end of term exams from 10am. Dinner in the evening. 
  Study Centre (
11/01 Come and do 5 hours of study today! Intense Study Day I starting at 10am.
18/01 Instense day of study followed by documentary: The Great Hack.
25/01 Guest speaker: Jack Valero.
01/02 An evening of FIFA tournament after the mocks.
08/02 Football bring £5 plus your Oyster card.
15/02 No Study Centre: Leadership Weekend
22/02 No club: Leadership Training
29/02 Dinner in the Balham Franco Manca. Bring £10.
07/03 What would you take to a desert island? Three guests share the soundtrack of their lives. Be ready to speak in public!
14/03 Visit to the poor in Central London to visit the homeless. Bring an Oyster card